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This centre was established in 2005 at EITPC under the Sponsorship of the AICTE , New Delhi.This Scheme was launched with a view to encourage students in our college to consider self employment as a career option, provide training in Entrepreneurship through modular courses and increase the relevance of Management particularly in the non-corporate and under managed sectors.


  1. To create an environment for self-employment and entrepreneurship development through formal and non-formal programmes.
  2. To introduce the concept of entrepreneurship among the students.
  3. To develop management personnel at appropriate levels for the non-corporate and unorganized sectors like education, rural development, small-scale industry etc.
  4. To utilize the infrastructure facilities and technically trained manpower for the development of non-corporate and unorganized sectors.
  5. To promote employment opportunities.

The Centre is promoting Entrepreneurship related activities such as: -

  • To conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness/ Development Programmes on full time/part-time basis for final year students, alumni, educated unemployed and working professionals.
  • To conduct special courses for fresh diploma students from various disciplines for establishing an enterprise & its management.
  • To support skill development activities particularly catering to specific areas of requirement in that region.
  • To provide a platform to take-up 'Entrepreneurship' as an alternative career.
  • To identify and provide solution for the problems of small business management & entrepreneurs.
  • To provide training & retraining of entrepreneurs through variety of programmes.
  • To support continuing education needs of personnel in areas of technology and management.


Skill Development Programmes offered through EDC:

Hard Skills:

Mobile phone repair, Computer Operator Training, Maintenance and servicing of household appliances, CNC Machine Operator, Tailoring and Garment Making etc.

Soft Skills:

Motivation, Personality development, creativity, etc.

EDC  Chief-Coordinator
            Mr.R.Boovaragavan  M.E.,MISTE  
            Senior Lecturer(UG) / Mechanical Engineering

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